Distribution Transformers
10 kVA to 630 kVA Distribution Transformers as per WAPDA specifications DDS-84:2007 (amended to date)
25 kVA to 1000 kVA Distribution Transformers as per K-Electric Specifications K-R&D-DT-28

Network / Industrial Transformers
Standard 11/0.415 kV Network Transformers with rating ranging from 500 kVA to 4000 kVA 2. Generator Step-up / Step-Down Transformers.

Special Purpose Transformers
Rectifier /Converter / DC Drive Application Transformers 2. Auto Transformers 3. Earthing Transformers

Pad Mounted Transformers
Pad mounted transformers as per WAPDA specifications DDS-71:2004 (amended to date).
500 kVA Pad Mounted Unit as per KE Specification No.238

Power Transformers
Power Transformers upto 132 kV