We have complete manufacturing facility of Power Transformers upto 220KV and 250MVA with an area of about 25000 Sq.ft and an annual production capacity of 2000MVA, and with complete testing facilities for power transformers , Power transformers will be manufactured under license of our technology partner Siemens AG and M/s CHINT Electric China.

The core is made of superu.b quality electrical steel laminations having very low reluctance and carbon contents, hysteresis losses and capable of operating at higher fulx density

Cores are made in form and shapes that have been developed as a result of research spred over a long period most modern fabricating and manufacturing techniques are employed


Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet supplied in rolls by their manufacturers (Japanese / European origin) are cut circular shears longitudinally in rolling direction in strips of required width. We have state of the art core cutting computer numerically controlled machines of European origin for this precise job. The more precision throughout the Core Manufacturing process, the lower iron Losses and Magnetizing currents will ensure reduced operating costs for our customers.


Transformer windings are made from high conductivity electrolytic copper draw in section without impurities, burrs and cracks, insulated carefully with several layers of age resisting, insulating paper of high dielectric strength.

Among individual coils there are radial and axial cooling ducts and canals with liberal dimension, through which oil flows and carries away heat generated by losses in winding.


As distribution transformers are manufactured under technology and license of Siemens AG, the processes have strict quality control checks throughout the value chain. Right from supplier selection, to material receiving, to in process, and to dispatch to customer, the transformer goes through various quality control checkpoints.


The finished transformer undergoes testing as per IEC 60076-1 to validate the design and manufacturing and ensures that transformer has an increased life span. We also have facilities for type tests such as lightening impulse, temperature rise test, sound level test etc.